Breathtaking views, cold beer and famous for the freshest fish in town

Central Beach - Plettenberg Bay is where you will find us

This iconic Plett landmark, in its unrivalled location, was first established in the early '80's and over the years the Club has grown making it the biggest fishing club in the Southern Cape. This is one of the few clubs in South Africa that still does a beach launch, creating much excitement to those who would rather not go out to sea but enjoy the fine fare from our deck. Members and non-members welcome.

Even the tide visits us twice a day




Why become a member of the Plettenberg Bay Ski Boat Club? Apart from the great members, you will be joining, the club has many benefits such as:

Members only area upstairs. 

This area has a spectacular view of the beach away from the public.

Membership prices at the restaurant. 

All members qualify for great discounts, see the restaurant menu for details

Membership discounts. 

All members qualify for great discounts on all club activities

Great Members.

Did we mention how awesome our members are?

To apply for membership, please download the membership APPLICATION form. Membership applications are first approved by our committee. You will be contacted on successful approval.


Our club restaurant is situated right on the beach!

 And offers a relaxed eating experience. All food is freshly prepared and there can be a wait for food but enjoy the call of the gulls and keep an eye out for dolphins and whales and see if you can spot our resident seal. Open Mondays to Saturdays and half day on Sundays

Click here to download our breakfast menu

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Mon - Sat: 8am - 10pm    Sun: 8am - 2.45pm






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To book the club boat Local Bouy contact Graham 0832728215



The Plett Ski Boat Club on Central Beach has become home to two more affiliated clubs
  • Plett Athletics Club - To become a member, contact Byron on 0827833138
  • Inflatable Power Boat Racing - Contact Dwayne at 079 232 6725 if you're up for the thrill.


Plettenberg Bay offers rock and surf, lagoon and sea fishing.

Rock and surf angling, due to its easy accessibility, has become a very popular sport, the thrill of catching that big one and, of course, many accounts of the “one that got away” keep anglers going back for another cast over and over again. The role of luck in fishing cannot be discounted and of course, knowledge is power, so the more knowledge you have, the better your luck.

Anglers interested in deep sea angling should please get in touch with Tyron on 083 260 6133
Anglers interested in joining competitive rock & surf angling please get in touch with Carlo on 082 851 5806



It doesn’t matter if you have the best tackle money can buy it is useless without the right bait.

Here is a list of the most successful bait used on the South African coastline.


Permits and bag limits must be adhered to

squid chokka2Best used fresh, cut open and remove soft backbone and entrails, skin the body and slice into long, thin strips which can be used singly or together like tassels from the hook. Can be combined with fishbait to make a “mixed grill”.

Catch:  Blacktail, Geelbek, Carpenter, Elf, Gurnard, Hake, Kingklip, Kob, Poenskop, (Black Musselcracker) Red-Roman, Red Steenbras, Santer, Spotted Grunter, Steenbras, Strepie,  Stumpnose, Yellowtail and Zebra fish.

pilchards2The most commonly young fish used to form fishbait are Pilchards, Harder, Maas-banker and Steenjie. If using Mackerel or Elf, cut fillets off the bone and using elastic cotton, tie to the hook in long strips. If fishing for large predators use live bait and insert the hook through the back of the fish just below the dorsal fin.

Catch: Tuna, Red Steenbras, Rock Cod, Red Roman, Kob, Elf, Cape Salmon.

octupos 2Find this highly prized bait, best used fresh, in tidal pools at low tide, use unskinned as bait, just the head or if small enough the whole octopus.

Catch: Cape Salmon, Kob, White and Black Musselcracker, Red Roman

mud prawn1Sand prawns collected by means of a prawn pump

Catch: Blacktail, Cape Salmon/Geelbek, Galjoen,Kob, White Musselcracker, Red Roman, Rock Cod, Spotted Grunter, White Steenbras, Sand Steenbras, Stumpnose, Zebra Fish

Popular when trying to land bottom feeders such as Galjoen and bait Redbait is found all along the rocky coastal regions but can be difficult to reach, your best bet is trying to get it at a low Spring Tide. Most rock fish prefer red bait fresh.

Catch: Blacktail, Galjoen, Strepie, White Steenbras, Black Musselcracker/Poenskop, Zebra Fish

white musselsWhich are scarce due to exploitation live beneath the sand in greatest abundance near the low-water mark or beyond and will be found by shuffling your feet into the sand and “feeling for them”.

Catch: Cape Stumpnose, White Steenbras, Sand Steenbras, Spotted Grunter, Galjoen, Blacktail.

bloodworm2Bloodworms live under the sand on the beach, along river banks and around estuaries, bloodworms can be extracted with a prawn pump.

Catch: Blacktail, Sand Steenbras, Cape Stumpnose

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